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$15 USD

Membrane Arrow-pad Overlay User Interface

    Add class and user friendliness to your product with this attractive membrane arrow-pad overlay with a window for a 20 character by 2 line LCD. Use the arrow keys to intuitively scroll up or down a menu, into sub menus and back, or to increase or decrease set-points. Add a backlit LCD for a truly stunning user interface. Simply connect it to CN3 on the Freedom16-mite and use the event driven software provided to build your own custom menus quickly and painlessly.


LMSO LCD & Membrane Arrowpad Overlay User Interface

  • Tough polycarbonate overlay resists scuffs and wear
  • High bond "peel and stick" adhesive adheres tenaciously
  • Overlay adhesive provides a water-tight barrier
  • 7.5" x 3.5". It can be trimmed to 7" x 3"
  • Clear LCD window, 4 arrow keys and 3 user assignable keys
  • Shipped with peel-off protective film
  • Can be screen printed with custom logo

Arrow-pad Overlay

  • Tough polycarbonate scuff-resistant laminate.
  • 7 embossed membrane switches with snap metal domes give tactile and auditory feedback.
  • 4 arrow keys and 3 user assignable keys.
  • 7.5" x 3.5". It can be trimmed to 7" x 3".
  • High-bond peel & stick water-proof adhesive backing for water-tight enclosures.
  • Shipped with peel-off polyethylene protective film.
  • Textured line pattern for improved appearance with flat area to print optional logo.
  • Flexible tail connection tail with 8 position single row female connector

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