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Arrow-pad Backing Plate

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$19 USD

Membrane Arrow-pad Backing Plate

    For prototyping and low volume production, it is not economical to have a custom enclosure with precise cut-outs for the LCD, its connection tail and flush-mounted studs to hold an LCD. The arrow-pad backing plate is the convenient answer.

    This arrow-pad backing plate can also be used to cover a rectangular opening in an electrical enclosure using epoxy or silicone adhesive. Covering this with Intec’s arrow-pad will seal the opening to water.


Arrow-pad Backing Plate

  • 20 ga. brushed aluminum for superior bonding.
  • 4 flush mounted #4-40 Pem-studs for mounting any standard 2 line x 20 character LCD.
  • Narrow slot for arrow-pad tail.
  • 8 #4-40 [Keps] nuts with integral lock-washers to lock LCD in place.
  • 7.5" x 3.5".

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