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BDM Cable HC16

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$199 USD

CPU16/3xx BDM Interface (Parallel Port)

P&E's ICD Interface Cable provides access to the Background Debug Mode (BDM) module on Motorola 68HC16/3xx microcontrollers. It is the hardware interface between a standard IBM PC parallel port (DB25 female connector) and a standard 10 pin connector - the background mode header on a 68HC16/3xx target system.

The 68HC16/3xx on-chip Debug Module provides a rich assortment of BDM debugging capabilities accessible by a debug program on a host PC through a dedicated BDM port. Because this on-chip module is separate from the CPU, it does not need to use the CPU or its instructions. Amongst other features, BDM debugging can take total control of the target SBC’s CPU at any time; even after a program crash.


  • Simplicity resulting from only one program running at a time: the user program.
  • Registers and memory can always be inspected, remaining unchanged, even after a program crash.
  • Interrupts are normally halted in BDM mode and therefore interfere less in the debugging process.
  • The program can be stopped at any time without any alteration of registers or memory.
  • It is completely un-intrusive. It is handled by an on-chip module that is separate from the CPU.
  • All serial ports remain available to the user. No serial port is encumbered for debug service.
  • Debugging with P&E's ICD16z debugger.
  • Programming of internal or external EEPROM/FLASH memory devices with PROG16z.
  • UNIT16 interface library, demo, and .DLL interface for custom testers.

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