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USB BDM Cable ColdFire

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$249 USD

P&E Background debugging pod (USB)

P&E's ICD Interface Cable provides access to the Background Debug Mode (BDM) module on Motorola ColdFire MCF5xxx microcontrollers. It is the hardware interface between a standard IBM PC parallel port (DB25 female connector) and a standard 10 pin connector - the background mode header on a MCF5xxx target system with the ease and speed of USB


  • Simplicity resulting from only one program running at a time: the user program.
  • Registers and memory can always be inspected, remaining unchanged, even after a program crash.
  • Interrupts are normally halted in BDM mode and therefore interfere less in the debugging process.
  • The program can be stopped at any time without any alteration of registers or memory.
  • It is completely un-intrusive. It is handled by an on-chip module that is separate from the CPU.
  • All serial ports remain available to the user. No serial port is encumbered for debug service.
  • Debugging with P&E's ICDCFz debugger.
  • Programming of internal or external EEPROM/FLASH memory devices with PROGCFz.
  • UNITCFz interface library, demo, and .DLL interface for custom testers.

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