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ColdFire BDM Debugging Kit

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$319 USD

P&E BDM debug pod and ICDCF debugger software

  • P&E Parallel debug pod
  • P&E ICDCF software
  • Parallel cable for connecting debug pod to PC



  • Full control of the on-chip resources via BDM
  • Full speed in-circuit emulation at a reasonable price
  • Programming for internal or external EEPROM/FLASH memory devices
  • Works with P&E's ICDCF debugger and PROGCF programmer
  • Very fast downloads and stepping


  • Full-speed in-circuit emulation
  • Breakpoints with counters on the Nth execution
  • Variables window showing bytes, words
  • Realtime execution as well as multiple tracing modes
  • Startup and Macro files for automating the debug process
  • Context-sensitive help for all commands
  • Timing measurement and execution count functions
  • Support for symbolic register files
  • Full assembly souce-level debugging
  • Includes BETA plug-in for C source-level debugging



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