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Freescale Semiconductor

Today, Freescale Semiconductor is continuing its rich legacy of innovation, and setting the standard for intelligent embedded solutions for tomorrow's advanced products. The appeal of our 32-Bit Embedded Processor portfolio is ideal for a wide range of industries—avionics, healthcare, communications, networking, robotics and more—wherever our customers require muscle and intelligence to drive control-intensive products.


P&E Microcomputer Systems

An industry trendsetter in hardware and software development tools for Motorola microcontrollers. P&E takes pride in its committment to providing professional, low-cost development tools and prompt, knowledgeable customer support.


All Linux Devices

Up to date news and articles on Linux for embedded systems.


Device Tools

Device Tools is a comprehensive and free portal, aimed at providing engineers who develop connected devices all the information needed to make your next design a success.


Imagecraft Creations Inc.

Best value in Windows based C compilers for embedded microcontrollers



microCommander brings Component-based development, HMI, and the Internet to automation & control in a complete software solution package.


JK microsystems Inc.

For cost-effective DOS based controllers, peripherals and accessories easily integrate Ethernet, TCP/IP, 10Base-T and control capabilities into embedded data acquisition, networking or industrial technology applications.

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