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Mite v2

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$129 USD

Fast, more afforadble with tons of I/O

    The heart of this 2" x 2" controller is a powerful 25.1MHz Motorola MC68HC16Z1 microcontroller chip which supplies most of the board's functionality, along with considerable computational power and some DSP instructions and registers. As an example, a 16bit x 16bit multiply can execute from on-chip memory in as little as 320ns, whereas a 32bit / 16bit divide can execute in as little as 960ns, and a repeat multiply and accumulate can execute in 480ns per iteration. With 39 highly programmable digital IOs and 8 analog inputs (10 bit), this tiny board can control large applications.



  • Motorla 68HC16Z1 - 16.8MHz


  • Small (2" x 2")


  • 128K SRAM (70ns)
  • 128K EEPROM (70ns) 8 x 16K sectors

Digital I/O

  • 39 Digital I/O (15 can interrupt)

Analog I/O

  • 8 chan 10 bit Analog Inputs, 100KHz
  • 2 pole noise suppr. A/D input filters

Background Debug Port

  • For In Circuit Debug/Emulation

Other Features

  • Snap-off proto area (2" x 0.9")
  • RT Kernel available
  • Expandable

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