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Steroid Stamp 555

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$499 USD

Embedded PowerPC with abundant I/O

Small, high performance SBC (Single Board Computer) offers an obscenity of features and resources, with 32 analog inputs with 10 bit resolution, 32 highly programmable TPU (Time Processing Unit) channels, 8 PWM channels, 16 dual action (start/stop) timer channels, 8 interrupt channels and much more.. All these features are driven by a 40MHz Motorola MPC555 embedded RISC PowerPC with a Floating Point Unit (FPU) and a number of advanced features.



  • 40MHz Motorola MPC555 (Black Oak) embedded RISC PowerPC with Floating Point Unit (FPU)

I/O Port (2x25 header)

  • 8 PWM channels (10MHz max)

  • ..for stepper motor control, D/A conversion
  • 10 Dual Action (Start/Stop) Timer pins

  • generate or measure pulse trains
  • 16 General purpose I/O pins
  • 8 Input pins can generate interrupts

A/D Port (2x 2x17 header)

  • 32 highly programmable Analog Inputs
  • 10 bit, 100KHz sampling rate

  • ..for input from microphones, analog sensors, thermistors pressure transducers

TPU Ports (2x20 header)

  • 2 Time Processing Engines
  • 32 ch. independently programmable
  • 6K RAM for microcode

  • read shaft encoders, generate precise pulse trains, measure pulses, control brushless DC and stepper motors

RS-232 Port (2x10, 1x4 header)

  • 2 UARTs, 1 with hardware handshaking
  • 1 Header for serial LCD/Keypad

  • ..Connect to host PC, high speed modem, instruments

CAN 2.0B Ports

  • 2 Ports with transceivers - to 1Mbps
  • Full implementation of CAN 2.0A and 2.0B

  • ..for robust networking in noisy environments

Debug Port

  • Supports the Macraigor Wiggler and P&E ICDPPC In-Circuit Emulator/Debug cables

Expansion Bus

  • 16 Data, 5 Address, 8 IRQ/3 chip select lines
  • Queued Serial Peripheral Interface (QSPI)

  • ..High speed access off-board peripherals


  • 5vdc regulated input - 2.1mm center +
  • Switcher & Ultra Low power mode daughter board available


  • 448K fast on-chip FLASH EPROM
  • 26K fast on-chip SRAM
  • 512K flow-through sync.burst SRAM

  • Ample memory for datalogging and debugging in SRAM before burning program in flash

Additional Timers

  • Real Time

  • track date:time
  • 64 bit Time Base Counter

  • ..can generate interrupts
  • Periodic Interrupt Timer

  • trigger periodic events
  • Decrementer

  • ..can generate interrupts
  • SWT (Software Watchdog Timer)

  • recover from software lockup

Typical Applications

Powerful general-purpose microcontroller, data acquisition systems, number cruncher, electric and internal combustion motor controller, robotics, automotive, avionics, industrial control…

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