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$189 USD

Fast, tiny module with resources for Linux

This tiny 49mm x 44mm Linux ready module plugs into a user's custom carrier board (avoiding ribbon cable interconnects). Because all connectivity, drivers, smarts and high speed signals are on the module, the carrier board holding relays, connectors and signal conditioning circuitry can be a simple, robust, low-cost 2 layer board. This module offers 55 digital I/O pins, 8 filtered 10 bit analog inputs, 10/100 BaseT Ethernet, 3 serial ports with RS232 level signals, 1 CAN port, a SD connector for mass storage up to 2 GB, and more..



  • 64MHz FreeScale ColdFire MCF5282 Microcontroller


  • 512K fast on-chip FLASH EPROM
  • 64K fast on-chip SRAM
  • 4 MB flash memory for program storage
  • 16 MB fast SDRAM for program execution

  • ..Ample memory forLinux, datalogging as well as debugging in SRAM

    SD Card Socket

    • 16 MB - 1GB removable SD memory card (opt.) or 802.11 adapter card

    • ..for obscene amounts of non-volatile memory and/or WiFi and Bluetooth SDIO cards

    Expansion Signals (BtoB Connector 1)

    • I2C to connect to numerous external devices
    • SPI bus with 5 SPI chip select signals for high speed transfers

    • support even more features (added to the carrier board)

    Timer Signals (BtoB Connector 1)

    • 16 Input capture or output compare (also GP I/O)

    • ..for stepper motor control, D/A conversion

    Interrupt Signals (BtoB Connector 1)

    • 7 Edge or level interrupt pins (also GP I/O)

    • ..for instant response to critical events.

    A/D Signals (BtoB Connector 2)

    • 8 highly programmable Analog Inputs
    • 10 bit, 140KHz sampling rate

    • ..for input from microphones, analog sensors, thermistors pressure transducers, etc.

    16 Configurable I/O Pins (BtoB Connector 2)

    • 2 x 8 general purpose I/O pins, independently configurable as either an input or output

    • drive relays, sense switches

    Debug Signals (BtoB Connector 1)

    • Supports the P&E ICDPPC In-Circuit Emulator/ Debug pod.

    • ..for the ultimate in debug control
    • Can alternate as 9 additional gen purpose I/O

    Ethernet Port (RJ45 Socket)

    • 10/100 BaseT capability, half or full duplex

    • ..for high speed internet connectivity, send emails, serve web pages, ftp files, etc.

    3 Serial Ports (BtoB Connector 2)

    • 3 UARTs with RS232 level Rx and Tx signals
    • 2 sets of CMOS level Rx and Tx signals for external RS485s

    • ..Connect to host PC, high speed modem, instruments, etc.

    CAN 2.0B Signals (BtoB Connector 1)

    • CAN Port with on-board drivers - to 1Mbps
    • Full implementation of CAN 2.0A and 2.0B

    • ..for robust networking in noisy environments

    LCD/Keypad Signals (BtoB Connector 1)

    • Signals to drive character based LCDs and signals to interrogate up to 16 contact keypads

    • ..for user interactivity in the field

    Additional Timers

    • 4 Periodic Interrupt Timer

    • trigger periodic events
    • SWT (Software Watchdog Timer)
    • recover from software lockup

    RTC Clock/Calendar

    • Low power [external] battery backed clock/calendar

    • track time when power is turned off

    Power (BtoB Connector 1)

    • Requires single regulated 5.0v (+/- 5%) from carrier board
    • 3.3v CPU power is generated on-board

    Typical Applications

    Powerful general-purpose microcontroller, data acquisition systems, communications, electric and internal combustion motor controller, robotics, automotive, avionics, industrial control, etc. where numerous connectors and interconnection cabling are unsuitable

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