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ImageCraft C (HC16)

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$200 USD


Imagecraft ICC16 "C" Compiler for Windows

Imagecraft’s ICC16, a fully compliant ANSI C compiler, sets a new standard for compilers. ICC16 includes an assembler, a debug map file maker, a relocatable linker, an archive librarian, and a set of libraries, including a floating point library.

    What makes this a truly useful compiler is a powerful IDE (Integrated Development Environment) with a Project Builder, a syntax aware text editor, a configuration wizard and a terminal program. The IDE also launches other software tools such as the debugger and the flash EPROM programmer for added user convenience.

    Intec’s acclaimed RTL16 library of useful C callable functions and pre-configured target configurations further simplifies program development, making ICC16 an "out of the box and use it.." compiler.


Integrated Development Environment

  • Select pre-configured and customize target configurations with the target Setup Wizard
  • Powerful Project Manager simplifies management of large projects
  • Projects accept mixed C, assembler and object files
  • Clear and informative error messages link to offending code in the editor
  • Powerful editor with syntax highlighting
  • Generates P&E compatible map files for either C source level or assembler level debugging
  • Powerful Assembler included
  • Librarian can create, display, add and remove files from archives

System Requirements

  • Windows 9x, NT, 2000, XP, 2003

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