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HC16 Debugger

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$159 USD


ICD16 In-Circuit BDM Debugger for MC68HC16 SBCs

Turn your Motorola 68HC16 family microcontrollers into In-Circuit Debuggers/Emulators with P&E's ICD16 Software and ICD Cable.

    The ICD16 offers a friendly, easy to use debugging environment. The ICD16 Software talks to the 68HC16 processor's background mode port via the ICD Cable which connects a standard PC printer port to the target system. Using this interface, any target system processor can be turned into an In-Circuit Emulator/Debugger.


Integrated Debugger Environment

  • Full speed In-Circuit Emulation at a reasonable price
  • Menu driven on screen help for all commands and features
  • Breakpoints with counters for break on the Nth execution
  • Double click on a source line ‘*’ to set/clear a breakpoint
  • Double click on a source line ‘->’ to execute to this instruction
  • Source level debugging or disassembled code
  • Sophisticated stepping and run commands
  • Loads and verifies S19 records and debug map files
  • Symbolic in-line assembly and dissassembly
  • Examine and modify memory and CPU registers
  • Uses background debug mode via standard Motorola Interface
  • Startup and Macro files for automating the debug process
  • Multiple windows show CPU registers, memory and code
  • Built in communications window displays serial output
  • User friendly, full color display or BW for portables
  • Timing measurement and execution count features
  • Watch window displays variables in selected formats
  • Supports your development, test and maintenance needs

System Requirements

  • Cable16/32 BDM Interface (Host PC’s LPT to target micro’s BDM port)
  • Windows 9x, NT, 2000, XP, 2003

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