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HC16 Programmer

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$169 USD


HC16 Program to Program Flash/EEPROMs

P&E's PROG16 for Windows BDM Programmer allows you to program/reprogram both internal and external flash devices in-circuit, via P&E's BDM interface cable. The programmer talks to the processor's Background Debug Mode through the BDM interface cable (sold separately), which connects the parallel port of a PC to a 10-pin BDM connector on the target system. PROG16 for Windows also includes the command-line version of the programmer software - CPROG16W. Together they are perfect for development, production line programming, or field firmware upgrades.

    In addition, the programmer comes with P&E's entire library of 68HC16 programming algorithms, including files for Motorola, Intel, Atmel, AMD, and other flash devices.


Integrated Flash Programmer

  • Program
  • Verify
  • Blank check
  • Upload
  • Display
  • Erase

System Requirements

  • Cable16/32 BDM Interface (Host PC’s LPT to target micro’s BDM port)
  • Windows 9x, NT, 2000, XP, 2003

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