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SBCTools uClinux

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$399 USD


Develop uClinux applications from your Windows desktop!

The Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE) brings ease of use and features of desktop software development to the embedded world. The C Development Tools (CDT) seamlessly incorporate the GNU compiler collection (GCC) and the GNU Debugger (GDB) into a professional front end. Additional plug-ins allow you to interact directly with the uClinux shell, transfer files with samba file sharing, and edit you boot configuration with the "rc" configuration editor. Eclipse offers powerful projects project management features, CVS source control, code completion, find in files, and many more features. Users can add third party plug-ins or develop their own.

This integrated tool-set is supplied with GCC with uClibc, GDB with GDBServer support over TCP/IP, and all uClinux source code.


Source Editing

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Code completion
  • Multiple file editors with tabbed interface
  • Advanced find and find-in-files searching capabilities


  • GCC compiler for the ColdFire processor
  • Compiler runs as native windows application (no cygwin)
  • C library provided by uClibc, includes multithreading support (pthread)
  • Double click errors and warnings to automatically be advanced to the suspect line
  • See full console output from within IDE

Project Management

  • Create uClinux exacutables and archives
  • Add/Remove files and folders - unlimited directory strucutre
  • Multiple configurations (e.g. Debug, Release)


  • Fast TCP/IP debugging with GDBServer
  • Set a breakpoint by right-clicking on the source line
  • Step Over, Step Into, Step Return, Resume
  • View and step through diassembly code
  • Inspect memory by mousing over any variable (tooltip expression evaluation)
  • Watch and modify variables by adding expressions to a watch window
  • View and modify CPU Registers
  • Interact with the local gdb console if desired


  • CVS Source control
  • Background compilation
  • Fully extendable with third party plug-ins
  • Open source project with active community

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